High Gain Antenna Kit


High Gain Antenna Kit




Our High Gain Antenna Kit is very helpful in rural areas where signals may be diminished by trees, buildings, structures or distance from tower. This helps immensely with signal strength as well as speeds and stability. This kit includes the necessary equipment to setup and deploy an external antenna for your modem/router allowing for better coverage in these areas where signal may not be as strong. Including support for the Ultra Wide Band, this allows the user to connect to the UWB Towers seamlessly . The high gain on this kit also is much better than previously offered options as well as being better than other aftermarket antennas you may find online. This kit was designed specifically to work with our Secure Internet Solution.

Assisted Installation will allow our technician to socially distance while walking you through the setup of the system over video or voice chat.

In addition to a much higher gain on signal, this kit is also smaller than the previous options and will make it easier to blend into the environment.


This kit includes the following…

Antenna (600-6000MHz, with 14 DBi Gain)

Mounting Kit, (including mount pole and hardware)

Ultra Low Loss Cable (50 ohm)

Assisted Installation. ( Our technician will help you every step of the way getting this setup!!)


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